Character Driven vs Plot Driven Stories

Honestly, I’m a bit nervous with this one.

For the first time in my life, I’ve written a plot driven story. I actually outlined a novel that goes from point A to point B. It wasn’t my objective, but here’s why I did it.

  • It was the second book in my series.
  • I have a lot of characters and needed them to show up regularly.
  • I had a word count limit of 100,000.
  • The main characters is ridiculously smart and needs to see everything.

Because of these things, I wanted to make sure I didn’t skip over important parts. But I’ll never do this again.

I’m the type of writer that believes my characters have a mind of their own. I let them tell me their stories and it flows. For this novel, I really imposed on their lives and it shows a bit, but my main character is very arrogant and doesn’t allow outside forces to impede on his life.

At one point, I found myself writing something for him, and he literally opposed it. It goes against everything he believes in so he said that. That’s when I let the characters take over again.

Plot driven is great, but I know my strength lies in allowing my world to evolve on its own. I’m glad I experimented, but I still managed to miss out on a lot of details I wanted to add because I kept reaching my word count for a chapter.

Any writer would agree that limiting yourself is a bad thing so I’ll go back with what I know for Barcode: New War Order. For those interested in finding out more about Michelle, she’ll return in NWO with a vengeance.

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