Concept Art for Barcode: Cavern of Youth

It’s in! The artwork for Barcode: Cavern of Youth is finally here. I was so excited when I saw the concepts for Barcode: Legend of Apollo. Initially I assumed I couldn’t be surprised twice, but it happened.

I love going to my Facebook and seeing the number “1” on my messages. I always know who it’s from.

My cover art designer sends me regular updates about her process and asks a lot of questions. She’s pretty busy and doesn’t have time to read the novels. Because of that, we type full essays with descriptions and ideas. Eventually, she creates designs that fit my characters perfectly!


She’s a very timid girl, but still a gladiator. There are as many secrets surrounding her as Kode. She’s not the best liar, but she’s definitely an expert of withholding the truth.


It’s a pleasure to write about this character. She’s very dominant and determined. However, her father currently uses her as a footstool, something Kode can’t stand.

Barcode: Cavern of Youth is currently on schedule to release June 1st. If things don’t work as planned, it will come out June 18th at latest.


Because of Kay’s actions last year, he not only lost his name, but his appearance as well. He’s wrapped with the Seal of Solomon and suddenly looks like a little kid. The ceremonial bandages drain more power than Tartarus, but his strength is needed more than ever to protect a clumsy gladiator named Carmen. Professors group Carmen and Kay with Angie and Monte to search for the Cavern of Youth. Yet, Kay causes so much trouble for their team, they search for more lucrative options–to kill him.

Despite his problems with his best friend and brother, Kay actually finds himself having fun and feeling loved, something that he’s not accustom to. Even worse, he meets several mysterious gods and spirits that warn him of a coming danger and his “destiny”. He has two options, continue his wonderful life or return to his previous objective, destruction.

If you haven’t checked out this series just yet, click here or on the image on the right side of this website. Barcode: Legend of Apollo is an urban fantasy that breaks away from the stereotypical hero story. If you’re looking for change, plot twists, and a surprise ending, download it for $0.99 (it’s on sale) or purchase the paperback for $10.00.

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