Consistency in Novel Reviews

Writers expect reviews. It’s a given. When you create anything online nowadays, you can almost always expect someone to respond.

Smart writers expect bad reviews. I read a quote on someone’s website yesterday that said, “It’s not difficult to get a review. It’s really easy to get one star reviews.”

Ain’t that the truth? But it’s not a bad thing. Getting a one star review means someone actually purchased your story and read the entire thing, generally. I appreciate all of my reviews, good or bad. My only problem is I haven’t had any consistent reviews. Sure, there are a group of people out there that like it, but not for the same reasons. I find it hilarious.

I’m the type of person that takes the advice of my reviewers to better my next stories. (Well, except for people that hate my ending in the first book, I couldn’t care less.  I don’t plan to have another ending like that soon, but that’s because I don’t like doing the same thing twice.)

I’d love to take advice from my reviewers to improve the next few books, but I’m not sure who I should listen to. Below are some quotes from some of my reviewers. These reviews were gathered from Goodreads and Amazon.

Umm, the gladiator style fight scenes in this book were off the chain. Seriously, the battles were epic. I could visually imagine each play by play. I found myself having many excited spasms startling people on the train. -Katrina (5 Stars)

That’s Katrina’s version of my fights. Now, let’s look at Bec’s:

Quite a few of the action scenes had me confused as to what exactly was happening, making me wish there was a film of this book simply so that I could visually see what the words seemed to struggle to adequately portray to me. -Bec (4 Stars)

See what I’m saying? But that’s just one instance, right? No. Let’s check how people reacted to the ending.

This book would have been a decent book, but I can’t even describe how horrible the ending is. -Benjamin (1 Star)

I realy hated the ending because of what happens to some of the characters. -Zachman (5 Stars)

I will not water it down I did not like the ending and I will stand by that but I can relate to the mind set of the author of this book. And say that I really enjoyed the first 94% of the story. -Knight (3 Stars)

Pretty bad reviews you say? Not so much. Check this one:

The reason why I’m giving this book three starts is because one star was lost because of the way Spencer was at the beginning, and the other was lost because of the ending. The ending was too perfect. I can’t handle perfect. -Emilija (3 Stars)

Those are complete opposites. If there is one thing that is consistent, most people hate the ending. That’s expected. I do some fantastic things to the characters. And by fantastic, I mean that in a serial killer type of way.

I don’t have many reviews yet. I imagine that things will become more consistent as I gain more readers, but I don’t mind if things stay the way they are. I love the fact that the book is touching people in different ways. What’s confusing for one person is clear for the other. What one person loves, three people hate. These reviews keep me humble and help me to remember how different people can be.

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