Crazy Week

I began teaching English Language Arts and History this week to 71 seventh graders. Actually, I have reason to believe that there are at least two phantom students, so there may be 73.

Now, it would be safe to say that teaching 75 students in two subjects is fairly normal. However, I only have two class periods. That’s right. I have nearly  forty students in each period.

(Why is the number constantly increasing? Because that’s what happened to me during the week. I began the first day with 71 and ended Friday with 75, though I was told that I would only have 60 altogether).

While teaching these youngins something, I have neglected my writing. Today was the first day this week that I was actually able to write a bit for my novel. Fortunately, I got a few thousand words out and nearly completed an entire chapter. Woot!

I just wanted to update readers and let them know that the story is progressing. Currently, Kode is going through some serious struggles in an unknown place. He’s trying to cope with new information and new settings. One side of his brain handles the information well, but the other half is breaking down. I’m really working on allowing all aspects of his personality to show up and show out.

Currently, the word count is at 46,465. I’ve written enough of these to know how many words it will take to kill an entire novel. We’re looking at around 150,000, so I haven’t really made enough progress yet. But the goal is to have the first draft completed by the end of October, so expect to see another 50,000 slayed next month.

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