Why I cut my youngest toddler’s hair

I cut my toddler’s hair today because we were struggling with oiling his scalp. Kalel suffers from eczema, but we’ve managed to get it relatively under control, except for in his hair.

Cut toddler's hair before

Kali was born with a considerable amount of crop!


Cut toddler's hair 4
Look at those adorable baby swirls

But as he grew fatter, so did his eczema. We worked hard to keep his skin moisturized. We even had all the proper drugs from the doctor. They gave us the potent stuff too! Still, nothing worked.

Cut toddler's hair 3
His scalp was so dry all the time!

His dried skin prevented his hair from growing toward his forehead, so he always had a pushed back hairline look going for him. But with his hair so low, we were able to clear up most of the damage. Now, his skin and hair look a lot better. He itches a lot less during the day, though the itching is still a bit excessive.

Recently, I was looking through his hair, and I noticed that he was bleeding, so I started showing more attention to his scalp. I began using olive and coconut oil on his hair to help him. However, his hair is super duper coarse. Unless I parted his hair and applied the oil directly to his scalp, his hair would absorb all of the oil.

When Bae got home today, I told her that we needed to do something about it. She looked at me with the most startled expression. Bae wasn’t ready to hear my suggestion, and she surely wasn’t ready for the cut. Let’s just say that she cried. (Boo-hoo, let me stop before this snot starts pouring, type of cry). We had to pause the video to give her a few moments.

It’s not her fault though. That wild hair was a piece of him since his birth. Bae and I always talked about letting our kids keep their hair for some years, but we had to make a sacrifice to keep Kalel’s scalp safe.


cut toddler's hair 2
This is the new Kal

How do I feel about it?

I don’t miss the hair. It was challenging to manage, and Kalel was always stuffing food in it. Check out this post to see him use yogurt as a moisturizer.

Just today alone, I needed to clean his hair three times. He stuffed cheese, sand, and banana in his jungle before noon. I let it all sit there today because I couldn’t keep drying out his scalp with wash after wash.

The new do already has the benefit of being cleaner! Plus, Bae and I both discovered that Kali’s cuddling feels so much better without the thick hair in the way.

I rubbed his scalp a dozen times before putting him down for bed.

I like it.

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