Cutting Back

This week, I took time to revise my novel, cutting back on unnecessary explanations and lengthy conversations. I spent an entire week revising book one in The Barcode Series. I’m already working on the fourth novel (Eyes That Kill), but I knew the first book needed some attention. I probably invested 60 hours in seven days, and the work payed off. Halfway through the manuscript, I could see my growth as a writer and editor. There were so many things I wanted to improve and I did.

Though I spent a significant amount of time rewording my mistakes and strengthening my storytelling, I’m most proud of cutting back over 20,000 words. My novel started off around 116,000 words and ended up at 92,000. There was an entire short novel of unnecessary material in my work.

I know it’s difficult to find your weakness and determine ways to improve, but it must be done. Barcode: Legend of Apollo is now in its second edition. The character interactions have been improved and there are a lot more cliff hangers. If you haven’t read the first book or you’re interested in seeing the changes, click here to download your new copy.

How To Revise Your Novel

  • Cut down on lengthy explanations or conversations
  • Cut walking scenes
  • Set goals (i.e. Say, “This chapter should be 1000 words,” and stick to it)
  • Read and reread – cut anything that sounds redundant or annoying
  • Less formal. More Casual. (If it sounds unrealistic, cut it)
  • Avoid cutting too much

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