Discipline with toddlers is like discipline with tigers

My kids don’t listen. That’s how one of them ended up falling down our stairs. But toddlers weren’t built to listen. I believe that trying to discipline a toddler is like taming a tiger.

Now, I’ve never attempted to get into an actual confined space with a tiger, but I do raise wildlife, and let me tell you, you have never experienced the jungle until you have tried telling a three-year-old what to do. Today, Kairo was Super Saiyan. I mean full Brolly mode. Like, I can’t say anything, besides “KAKAROT,” because I’m so flustered right now.

Me: Kairo, what’s wrong?

Kairo: I wanna watch Paw Patrol!

Me: You already watched–

Kairo: I wanna watch Paw Patrol

Me: I told you, there are only two online and we need to–

Kairo: Eeeeeeee!

Looks around flustered

Kairo: Eeeeeeee!

Hair turns yellow. Crater forms at feet.

Kairo: Ahhhhhhh!

I don’t have any advice for when things like this happen. I’m just happy that the Earth persistently manages to survive Brolly’s assaults.

This was the calm before the storm. If I’d just looked in his eyes, I would have known.


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