Discovery Learning creates beautiful art

Kairo used blueprints to build and create
Kairo used blueprints to build and create

Today, my eldest son, Kairo, taught me about discovery learning. He took over his own education like a natural-born Reggio Emilia student. Without my help, Kairo created art with stones.

What happened?

I decided to take my boys outside a little earlier in the day. I wanted to avoid the extreme heat (111 degrees), so we began to sit on the porch of our balcony. I let Kairo and Kalel play with the stones while watching the miniature monster like a hawk–he tends to shove rocks in his mouth without warning.

Kairo began collecting and throwing rocks like always, but he stopped early. He sat on the balcony with me and began looking at his artwork. Then, he said, “I want to make a firefighter.” He handed me a large rock and began collecting other pieces.

(It’s important for you to know that he loves Paw Patrol, especially Marshall and Chase. Marshall is the firefighter. Both of the characters were drawn on his paper).

After finding the perfect stone, Kairo says, “This is a wheel.” He places the small stone next to the larger one and says, “I need three more.” Then, he begins searching for other rocks.

I’m speechless.

My son used his picture to create a fire engine. He even added a ladder, which looks like a long tail. Then, he begins working on his police car.

When he finishes the two, I show him how to use the blueprint to make a house, so we work together.

Why am I sharing this story

The moral of this anecdote is simple, let your kids lead their own learning. Use what they like to teach them.

Kairo is a genius, like all kids. They absorb information so flawlessly. Our job, as parents, is to let them begin the process of learning and to act as guides or facilitators to help them grow.

Even if you don’t have kids, you can learn from this

Learn through discovery. When you have an urge to do something that benefits you, do it. Many people will tell you not to play in the dirt, but do what makes you feel comfortable. If you have a unique way of acquiring knowledge, don’t let others make you feel bad for it. Do what suits you best.

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