Normally, I feel accomplished when I complete a book. But this one was tough. I worked really hard on Yellow Diamond Hunter. This isn’t like the Barcode Series. The story structure is very particular and the editing is much more precise than it was in the past. I’m sure there are still mistakes that I will correct over time, but until I can afford professional editing, I’ll have to work with what I have.

Yellow Diamond Hunter can be purchased on Amazon by clicking on the link. Please add a review if possible.

As a warning, the book is still $9.99. I don’t believe that it’s worth that price without a professional editor so don’t slay me. I’m using the money from my first week to pay my cover artist, though she volunteered to work for free. (I freakin’ love her and don’t want to abuse our relationship). But I digress…The book’s price should reduce to $2.99 within two weeks. Possibly, by the end of next week.

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    1. Yeah. I changed the price quickly because I didn’t prepare enough people this time around. But any support is appreciated! You’re almost always the first person to review me, so I look forward to that too.

    1. How did you bother me? Thanks for making me remember that I have a website haha. I need to start writing on here again. By the way, you wrote all of these responses on my birthday 🙂

      1. I am so happy you said that i am a huge fan and if i remember barcode correctly your son has the same name as kode’s fathers servant who was an awsome immortal that created tarturas and was super strong!!

        1. Whoa. Nice attention to detail. My son’s name is the same as Jamie’s boyfriend from the past. It’s a hero that I was going to write about before Kode, but I decided to scrap the project and go with the villain you’ve grown to love.

          1. You’re reading it, heh. Exxodus was Yellow Diamond Hunter’s working title. Sol was the main character of both. As the story changed, so did the title.

          2. That’s awsome anyway its beautiful im on the part where kami is helping them in shade so they can get in absolute providence

  1. Hey Kashif! Just so you know, I’ve written 3-4 long winded reviews of the book in iBooks. Unfortunately if you use a nickname that someone else has used, it erases all your text. 🙁

    I think I finally got one, but since it was probably my 6th try, it kept it short and sweet.

    1. Sorry to hear about your wasted time, but I really appreciate you taking time to leave me reviews. I’m going to try marketing my iBooks more in the future (once I’m done with the YDH series). Thanks again, Simon. I’m really grateful.

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