Editing Updates for Sol of Ruby


So I’ve been MIA and it’s mostly because of my time management. I was forced to choose between spending 15 minutes writing an article for the website or 15 more minutes of editing.

I am currently working on the first novel in my next series. I originally intended to hire an editor to publish this novel. Unfortunately, my son’s expenses were a little more than I could budget for. Therefore, I was given two options:

  1. Write all 3 novels of the series and publish them once I have enough money saved (probably 2016).
  2. Push another 3 books with self-editing techniques (2 more months for the first books and all three books should be released by this time next year).

Clearly, option number two is the best option. By some miracle, I managed to develop a fanbase and many of them are more concerned with the story than the editing. To keep my good friends, I decided to take a few more months to revisit the story and make some hard corrections.

Yet, when I self-edit, there are always big changes. The biggest change, the title.

I recently moved the title from Sol of Ruby to Yellow Diamond Hunter. I will explain the change in the next post. But for now, I need to get back to editing.

Current editing update: Yellow Diamond Hunter
Draft 3 of 4
Present Word Count: 94,000+
Present Page Count: 235
Missing Chapters: 3
Note: I finally have a viable conclusion and intend to write it by February 1st. From there, I will move on to the final draft and hopefully publish by April 1st. But all of these dates are tentative.

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    1. Tear. Thank you. And sorry I didn’t reply. I didn’t get the notice. However, I’m thankful that you always read my books. You were like the first person haha. Seriously.

  1. Hello mr.ross my name is uhhh jaden and im a HUGE fan ive read all the barcode books and im reading your yellow diamond hunter and i think your awsome and kode is awsome and youve inspired me to

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