Falling down means you eventually get to tear bandages

Falling down and toddlers are synonymous. My youngest lad recently tumbled down our stairs, and still, he hopped up and continued to terrorize the house. Kalel falls all the time. He considers landing on his butt a hobby. Kairo, on the other hand, does not frequently fall, especially outside. However, he recently took a dive and scrapped his knees.

Being the good dad that I am, I didn’t see any of the tragedy. Mommy, Kairo, and Kalel were walking ahead, and Kairo decided to activate the nitro tank.


Further exploiting my superior parenting skills, I didn’t react. I peeked above my lens and asked, “You okay?”

Kairo made that sound where you breathe through your teeth to nullify the pain stretching throughout your body. Hearing that sound made my inner common sense trigger. “Oooooh. Doode, you’re hurt.”

Mommy goes FULL SAVIOR MODE and cradles her baby in her arms. Then, she carries him back home. She places him in our bed and begins to treat the wound.

Kairo, being my child, asks, “Can I touch it?”

This is the first time that Kairo ever scrapped his knees, and the first time that dad needed to remove the bandages. Mommy would probably give him warnings and let him know that the pain is only temporary. Not me. I’m the type to spark a conversation and out of no–


I hate seeing my child in pain, but I love hearing him say, “Owie.” That probably makes me a bad person, and I’m okay with that.

I guess the moral of the story is fairly simple. Adults focus on the pain, but kids want to learn more about their suffering.

Happy Mental Health Day

Continue to learn about yourself. Exercise your emotional health. Communicate with others. Express your thoughts openly. Embrace falling down. Evolve standing up. Find people that support who you are. And love.


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