Family Cold – A family that sneezes together

Despite the temperatures outside in Al Ain, we have a family cold. Somehow, we didn’t get sick at the same time.

We’ve been in Abu Dhabi for two months. We survived epic jetlag, lived in hotels, and consumed too much takeout. This was bound to happen.

Bae was the first to get ill. Work has been a little stressful for her. (You can read about her having students for a week here or her first week of Professional Development). Her stress level is pretty high right now, so I wasn’t surprised to hear her epic sneezes. (I warn you. They are terrifying).

Not long after, Kairo was struck. He had a great time at Fun City and managed to hear a tune from Toots And The Germettes.

For those that don’t know:

About two weeks back, I started fighting Toots, but I’ve been working on a novel until midnight, so I stressed my body out.

And Kalel…poor baby. He got the runnies yesterday. Where did he acquire the cold? Choose any of the above options.

For now, we’re all sitting at home, watching Paw Patrol (rarely), Daniel Tiger (on repeat), or Super Why!

Toddler Boys Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood The Boys and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

No fevers, yet! (Thank God). We’re just coughing, sneezing, and resting.

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