Family Friendly Bangkok – Entertaining the toddlers

Today was a long and exhausting day, but we had lots of fun together. Somehow, we challenged the pollution breathing city of Bangkok and emerged with the scent of victory in our must. Tiyaanah and I decided to leave the strollers behind and journey through the city center. As I previously stated, Bangkok isn’t family friendly, but we made it entertaining enough for our toddlers.

The long day

Family friendly eats

We finally decided to walk to The Coffee Club for breakfast. They serve actual food and coffee, and because Kalel slept in my bed last night, I needed both.

I can’t believe we waited so long to go. We’ll be there for breakfast tomorrow, though we should eat something local.


Family friendly taxi

There were no taxis in our area this morning for some reason. All I could find was one Uber Black/SUV. I’d never taken one. After eating at The Coffee Club, there was no way I was sitting in a lowly Uber Flash. So, all four of us rode in the back of an Isuzu Mu X like Team Obama. Even Kairo knew we took a step up.

Kairo: What’s this, Day?

He’s starting to get a little lazy with the word “Daddy.” But I understand. If I said a word 9,734 times per day, I’d cut it short too.

Daddy: Our taxi.

Kairo: Oh! I like it.

Daddy: Yeah?

Kairo: Yeah. It has *seatbelts.

*For those unaware, **65% of our taxis have had at least one missing seatbelt (either Kairo’s or mine).
**That number is entirely made up, but accurate enough.

Children’s Discovery Museum

Generally, I’m a good “Day.” I never let my kids know what we’re going to do. With me, life is a surprise.

I do this for one reason:

“You never know what you’re gonna get.”
-Forrest Gump

When Kairo asks, “What’s next?” I try to delay an answer because he gets disappointed or throws a tantrum (depending on food or sleep needs). However, to get him into bed last night, I stupidly asked, “Want to dig dinosaur bones tomorrow?”

Results: Zoom. Zoom. Beed.

Unfortunately, Children’s Discovery Museum wanted to prove why I never give a heads up. They decided to close for a “hollyday” that they don’t celebrate.

The sign read: Closed for hollyday December 30 – Jan 2.

So many kids showed up with disappointed expressions, not just ours. Fortunately, there was a park nearby. Kairo and Kalel played while sweating more than I knew they could.

Not so family friendly taxi

We left the park for the mall to get a bite to eat. On there way there, I realized that people do some fascinating things in the back of taxis. Take a look below.


Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what stands out to you.


After leaving the mall, we needed another taxi, but there was too much traffic, and the Uber couldn’t make it to us. After waiting for almost ten minutes, we took a Tuk Tuk down the street. Then, we hopped on the Skytrain. This thing was jam packed and a very uncomfortable for the kids, but it was a great experience. Plus, we saw some reindeer and a bear on the overpass.

Dinosaur Planet

With just a five minute hike from the polar animals, we stopped at Dinosaur Planet.

Tiyaanah and I hate going against our word.

We initially decided to avoid this place because we knew the kids would be scared, and I understand their grief. Some of these creatures were huge.

However, Kairo warmed up after a few minutes, but Kalel wasn’t having it. His nap was M.I.A. for two hours, and he had no patience unless Mommy or Day held him.


For me, this was the best day that we’ve had. I loved being out in the sun and exploring. The boys had a great time too. They’re still taking naps now.

Getting around Bangkok was extremely exhausting for all of us. Carrying one fat toddler for most of the trip was a challenge and keeping Kairo from going Super Saiyan 3 Year Old required veteran level skill, but we managed to make the not so family friendly city just good enough for us.

Our sore muscles will probably disagree tomorrow.

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