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I’ve seen some beautiful cover art in my days, but uh-oh here’s some gorgeous stuff. Fey Touched is a novel that’s set to release August 1st. Mark your calenders because based on this review, you’ll want to read the story.

Who are you?
I am Erin Zarro, a poet, novelist, and fine art photographer lving in Michigan. I’m married to a wonderful guy and we have a feline daughter named Hailey who we believe is part vampire.

Part Vamp, aye? You sound like a fantasy writer. <–Look at that seamless transition into this question: What is Fey Touched? Explain the title and let us in on some gritty secrets that no one could find anywhere else in the world.
Fey Touched is my debut novel and book 1 in the Fey Touched series. There are Fey, who are genetically engineered humans. They feed on human souls to survive. The Fey Touched are the ones who hunt down the Fey that turn into killing machines called rogues. They are called that because they have a bit of Fey genes in them. The title came from the Hunters, as this novel (and the others in the series) revolve around the Fey Touched.

Secrets? Hmmm. Well, I built the Fey around the idea that genetic engineering could produce an immortal being, but the scientists couldn’t replicate the human soul. Being that the Fey lack a soul, or mana as it’s called in the Fey Touched world, they have to get it from humans. Or else they will either rot or go insane. Also, the “soul” is actually witihin the nervous system, as the nervous system controls everything we do. And the spinal cord has a large concentration of mana, so the Fey usually go for the base of the neck or the spine.

Simply put, you fantasize about living forever. I like! Who is your favorite character in the novel? Why?
I can’t pick just one…the three main characters (Asha, Joe, and Fallon) are strong, noble people who go through hell and survive it. As a result, they’re stronger for it. I admire that kind of strength and desire to fight for what’s right.

I do too…well I don’t quite admire going through hell. It sounds hot. But I love when people endure some sick trials. Anyway, give us some details on the antagonists. How’d you come up with them?
Well, when I was figuring out the ins and outs of the Fey Touched world, one of the things I wanted to explore was the idea of blending sci-fi and fantasy. So I came up with an antagonist who uses magic (or alchemy as it’s called in the book) to get what they want done. I also wanted someone fierce and willing to do whatever it took to get what he/she wants. So I included brainwashing and torture…for starters. ~evil grin~

*Reply with evil laugh* I have a friend that believes magic is only unexplained science. You should hear the philosophical discussion we had on that. Since you can’t riddle me this: if your novel were an animal, where would it sleep?
On a spaceship light years away.

Take me with you! What sets Fey Touched apart from every other novel?
I believe the blending of sci-fi and fantasy makes Fey Touched unique.

Then we’re both unique because I love blending the too as well! What audience did you write this novel for?
That’s a good question. Definitely adults. And anyone who enjoys sci-fi and fantasy.

Well, I love asking good questions. Thanks for flattering me.
Drill questions…think fast!
Favorite color: Green
If ice cream ruled the world, what flavor would be in the White House: Neopolitan
Honey or caramel: Caramel
Cats or dogs: Cats – Team Feline for the win
If you could bring one inanimate object to life, you’d awaken a: my grandmother’s 1926 Smith Corona typewriter…can you imagine what it has seen over the years? (Mrs. Zarro: you forever have a space in my heart for being this freakin’ creative)
Convince me to purchase Fey Touched in 140 characters or less: A Fey Queen on the run. A Hunter who’s in love with his enemy. An illness killing Hunters. A drug-addicted Hunter who must save them all…
You’ve just been asked by Zeus to become an Olympian, do you accept: Yes
Hi-5 or fist-bump: Fist-bump
Wings or teleportation: Wings!
What makes you unique: I am a very dark and deep person. I like stories that make me think, things that give me a chill. I have had health problems and have emerged stronger and happier. I also might be related to Spanish royalty if the family rumors are true. I believe that every day is a gift, and I live as if each day were my last. Life’s not a destination, it’s a journey where you evolve and grow into the person you were meant to be. Maybe I’m a Fey Queen in disguise. ~winks~

Erin…you rock my socks. #DigitalFistBump

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