Final Book Of A Series

Barcode Series

I learned a valuable lesson when writing a five book series: Don’t do it again. Though I love writing the Barcode series and I’m getting more fans every day, I’m dreading this last novel.


Pressure. The first four books of the series are very emotional novels. They use complex characters to draw the reader in. I also use tragic events to give the antagonists motivation for blood.

Well, eventually all of that has to die down. I’ve decided to avoid the emotional appeal to give the readers a break. Because this books is the finale, I want readers to feel satisfied. Instead of creating new questions, I want to answer any suspicions that my fans have. But there’s another problem: I answered most of the questions in Barcode: Eyes That Kill.

Now, I’m left with a book that can’t create new problems and has few answers.

**End rant**

After writing that last line above, I slapped my hands on my face and groaned, “Fuck.” I just figured out why I’m having such a difficult time writing this novel. I’m not creating enough suspense.

Well folks, it looks like I’ll be replotting and rewriting the final book to the Barcode series, though it was 65% complete.

What will I do differently?

In the first write up, I had this big plan to help readers learn more about their favorite characters (both dead and alive). But while doing this, I neglected the villains. I neglected the hatred for Vincent and other dead villains, like Dennis, Eve, and Helios. Now, I need to go back and create a plan that brings their drama to Kode.

But don’t expect to see Kode emotional. Instead, I vow to anger the reader and supply you with the emotions that Kode should feel.

**This blog may have helped me write the best book of the series. And that’s hard to say after Eyes That Kill.**

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