Finding time to write is seemingly impossible for me

All of my friends talk about how busy they are. They struggle to find time to relax, travel, and connect with friends or family. Generally, I manage my time well, but recently I haven’t been taking enough time to improve myself. Most importantly, I haven’t set time aside to write.

Below, I want to show why you can’t be “too busy” to write, why you need to set goals, and I’ll leave you with some suggestions in the end.

My problem

I’ve mentioned my problem before. I had a kid. Two to be exact.

Presently, I have one computer in our home. (It’s not even a real computer. It’s a Chromebook). If I try taking this thing out for even a second while the kids are awake, I’ll hear a symphony of, “I want to watch Paw Patrol. I want to watch Super Why. Please, daddy. Please.”

I even decided that I should just kill more by editing my novel on my phone again, but my youngest one likes to tackle me every three minutes. If he notices that daddy has too much free time, he works to own it.

My problem is, other people control when and how much I write.

Setting Goals

That’s why setting small goals are important. You’ve heard this before. Everyone tells you to set goals. Now, I’m going to tell you how.

If you want to set realistic goals, change your whole life.

I’m serious.

There was no way that I was going to begin working out again, keep the house clean, keep the kids engaged, and publish a novel. No. I refuse. It’s too much.

So, my wife and I planned ways to change our lives over five years. Now, we live in Abu Dhabi, and I have way more free time.

That’s an extreme change, but you only need one.

Finding time to write

Again, you don’t have to move out of the country but do something:

  1. Cut out social media
  2. Read less, write more
  3. Go old school and carry a notebook
  4. Set aside at least an hour
  5. Find someone that inspires you and steal their energy
  6. Make it social: Find a group of peers that would like to write together
  7. Try to avoid the frustration of losing your time

Own your time when you can, but if you’re a parent or a slave (same thing), others may possess a larger chunk of your time. In that case, look for areas where you can make changes. It could take months or weeks, so don’t rush the journey. Just know that when you write, it will be amazing.

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