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Finding Your Skill(s)

Black Ranger

It’s easy to say, “I have no skills.” I almost think it’s natural.

If you’re a humble human being, you may not look at yourself as the best or brightest, but you have to know your strengths and abilities. Finding or recognizing those strengths can be a journey in itself.

When I was a kid, I thought of stories all day long. Once Mighty Morphin Power Rangers went off, I would mentally clothe myself in the Black Ranger’s uniform. Then, I’d throw my best attempt at a round house kick. After falling on my butt, I’d think about all the adventures I’d have in his shoes.

The beginnings of a writer.

What I knew as imagination was actually a gift to create stories. That gift/skill is still present.

I know that most writers are avid readers, but not me. I struggle reading novels regularly because when I see an event happen, my imagination kicks in and I ask, “How could I make that better?” Sometimes, I’ll read a story and pause for a long period of time, imagining the various directions the story could go.

Something so simple has evolved into something magnificent. I know this is my gift because I think about it all day. My stories are a part of me.

When it’s time for you to discover your gift, don’t just think about what you love. Think about what consumes you. What do you breathe? What comes easy, but requires your diligence?

If you want to find your skills, look inside of your heart for what makes you who you are.

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