First Draft of Editing Complete

Bailey Eyes That Kill 2

I finally finished the first draft of editing in Barcode: Eyes That Kill. It was a challenge.

I began with 105,000 words (about 210 MS Word pages). That’s a pretty hefty book. Currently, only Cavern of Youth is comparable in length. However, after editing, I added 20,000 words (50 pages). This is the longest novel yet.

The editing was rough! Just being honest.

Every time I write, I always try to improve. I consider previous criticisms and try to make adjustments. Not to mention, I do my best to enhance descriptions and monitor word choice. I want readers to feel like they’re getting a better story every time they read.

This novel was exceptionally difficult because I used more descriptive language and tried to enhance the dialogue. I wanted Richard to feel cooler. I needed Jamie to have more personality while staying true to her robotic feel. Carmen officially became a pest. And Kode had to return to his sarcastic, snarky nature, which is the most difficult thing to do because he can’t just say “Yes.” I need Kode to say, “Hell yeah. Your mother would agree too…if I hadn’t killed her.”

That concept about Kode was difficult for my editors to understand originally. During Cavern of Youth, they felt he talked too much for a hero. I had to explain that Kode was a villain and that’s what they do. Talk.

Anyway, I’m jumping all over the place. Round one of editing is complete. My artists will present their final sketches for the cover tomorrow before moving on to the actual cover design. Then, we’re going to design a few images to go inside of the book to give you that visual flare. It won’t be anything spectacular, but it will give it a manga feel.

I’m really excited for this novel. Can’t wait to publish it.

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