Friends or Family Read This: Do I Write Brilliantly Fast Or Does My Work Suffer?

This is a very personal post and if you scan it too quickly, you won’t get the entire concept. Please read this carefully if you’re looking to learn a bit about me. Otherwise, I have plenty of other funny and quick post for you to check out.

Do I Write Brilliantly Fast Or Does My Work Suffer?

That’s a question for the ages isn’t it?

Hi. I’m Kashif Ross and I can write my rear end off.

Earlier today, a few minutes ago, I spoke with the writer of The Galactic Mage. Pretty cool guy and amazing story teller, though I’ve only read a few pages in his book.

He and I are having a brief discussion on his page about obtaining the “Hot New Releases” title on Amazon. I wanted to speak with him because I knew my achievement wouldn’t last too much longer. Though he couldn’t pinpoint what keeps his success going, he was polite enough to talk with me.

In the discussion, I mentioned my objective to release three more books this year.

That’s when you say, “What?” with your eyes leaping from your head.

There’s no way I could write that much. Most writers take years to put out one novel. They edit their books for months and send it through countless beta-readers. So what makes me so special?

I’m a good writer.

Do you hate my arrogance? Good.

I’m not saying I’m great or excellent. I’m good. My friends and family would disagree. Most people that know me won’t allow me to be so humble. I’m serious. My best friend gets frustrated if I don’t acknowledge my superpower: I can write a strong novel of 100k words in a week while still working part-time. My wife get’s pissed. Actually upset with me if I don’t say how great I am.

Am I bragging? Hell no. I want you to know the truth.

The truth is, The Galatic Mage is selling more copies than me.

I’m not comparing myself to his success or any other. I’m just stating facts. I can write well and others have sold more than me.

What’s my personal opinion of my writing?

I never let people know this, but I’m well aware of my gift. Characters don’t just come out during planning or act out scenes in my brain when it’s time to write. My characters live with me. They make their own decisions and discuss their lives with me when I’m driving the freeway.

Once upon a time, I suffered from insomnia because they’d keep me up at night with their issues and problems. Schizophrenia…maybe.

Either way, I know my stories are well developed and ready to strike the page.

No two writers are alike. I know some that take years to finally finish a story and it looks like gold. Others rush and poop crap. I’m somewhere in the middle.

I can’t write slowly. Don’t tell me to think about it more. I usually don’t plan. My stories write themselves.

I’ve actually planned Barcode for the past seven years. I never wanted to write it. I initially planned to become an animator or comic artist. I wanted to bring the story to life with color, but that didn’t work out. After two years of chasing that dream, I finally decided to get this damn story out of my brain.

Want to know the flaws?

Fine: The story begins slowly. Not boring slow, but the first three days take up quite a few chapters. There’s nothing but action there, but it’s slow. The actual first half of the school year takes up 75% of the novel. After that, the end comes quickly. Some people may feel things were rushed or that I didn’t plan well. Good for them, but that’s not the case.

The story is so slow in the beginning because I wanted people to get to know my characters on a personal level. This is a tragedy and I want the relationship built in the reader’s mind. The end happens swiftly for a reason. When have you ever known someone to die on time? Never. Death happens quickly.

One of my best friends died out of nowhere. My “brothers” and I hadn’t spoken to him for nearly half a year. He called me right before he passed away, but I was in Psychology class. We went a few more weeks playing phone tag and he was gone.

Why did he call me out of nowhere? Why did I miss the call?

That’s life, things happen fast.

My novels aren’t for everyone, but they’re well thought out. The only reason I won’t publish six novels per year, one every other month, is because editing is expensive. It also takes some time to proofread with my wife and get some feedback from others. But I write fast. Blazing.

Don’t worry. My quality doesn’t suffer.

For example, I wrote this really quickly and you’re still attached. My grammar needs help in certain areas, but that’s what my editor is for.

I’m not arrogant, but I know my ability. You won’t see me write about this much, but I wanted to get it off of my chest. Now, it’s time to finish the second novel of Barcode so I can release two to three more this year.

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