Grouting our entire villa to keep the ants out

Ants are attacking us. They keep trickling into our villa, so I had to take a trip to Ace. Over the next few days, I’ll be grouting the entire place.

Our villa is beautiful (you can read about it here). I think this is the best place that we could have chosen, but our maintenance work is shabby. They rushed to “finish” before our move in date, so they skimped out on many of the important details.

They suck at grouting Grouting gaps








They left these tiny gaps everywhere around the villa, and ants find these suckers efficiently.

Our compound is super good at fixing stuff like this. They will re-grout and/or spray for bugs. My problems are:

  1. They will track dirt through the house
  2. I have to wait all day for them, and they’ll likely come during the kids’ nap time
  3. I’ll still have gaps
  4. Ain’t nobody got time for that
  5. And I don’t want harsh chemicals around the kids’ toys (Kalel can be a picky eater, but everything else belongs in his face)

I’ve already had to grout two bathrooms and our master bedroom, but that was when the small ants were sneaking in. Now, we have jumbo ants that remind you of roaches at first glance.  (We’re fortunate to have bright marble floors. It makes spotting the little buggers simpler).

After squishing dozens of the monsters, I decided that I needed to seal the entire place. I’m an arrogant guy (Napoleon complex), so I thought, [pfft] I could grout the whole house in a night and have these ants out of here by tomorrow morning.


That didn’t happen.

After spending an hour in the kids’ room, I realized that this might take a few days. Still, I learned something new and had no fun doing it.

Grouting done "right"

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