Growth and Maturation – The boys are changing each day

I love watching the growth and maturation that my kids undergo. Every day, they seem more playful, alert, or wise. Kalel has become more loving and affectionate while Kairo appears to focus on learning and applying new skills. At times, the boys seem so different, but they mesh together so well.

Making Friends

As you may know by now, I’ve been working on acquiring friends for Kai and Kal. I initially wrote a post about how the two found friends in each other. Then, I described how we managed to connect with some playgroups. Kairo and Kalel are interacting with other kids on a weekly basis, but I wanted to revisit their relationship with each other.

Kalel’s Growth

Yesterday, Kalel was sitting in bed with mom, enjoying his favorite pastime (boobing). During the monster’s feast, I decided to entertain Kairo before bed. I began singing “Pup-Pup Boogie” and dancing with his Paw Patrol characters, which alerted little brother.

Kalel jumped from the bed and told mom, “I’m going to play with Bro-bo.”

This isn’t a surprise. Kalel has always enjoyed spending time with is bigger brother, but now he verbalizes and expresses his love for Kairo, which is doubly special.

Kairo’s Growth

Kairo's Growth SharingKairo is also starting to verbalize his love for his little brother more too. Some of his most recent key phrases are:

  • I want to share with Kalel.
  • I think Kalel wants mommy.
  • Oh no, Kalel is crying.
  • Let me hold my brother.
  • Here you go, Kalel. You can have mine.
  • I want to play with you and Kalel in my room.
  • I’ll hold Kalel’s hand so he won’t be scared.

Observing their interactions

Today, the boys were out at the playground. Kalel wanted to get on the slides, but he has been scared of some tasks since he hit his head on the edge of a bench. (You can still see the scar on his forehead).

Previously, I would hold Kalel’s hand at this playground, but it only seemed to make matters worse, so I opted out this round. Still, I encouraged big brother to help. As a result, they had a great time.

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