Guess who joined the potty train – The Epic Journey

Way back in September, I became the official engineer of The Toddler Potty Train. I only wanted to train Kairo, but Kalel believes firmly in the slogan, “Anything you can do I can do better. I can do anything better than you.” Because of this, I ended up with two boys on the toilet. The task was daunting and frustrating. Some days, I gave up and didn’t even try. But my laziness paid off. After two whole months, Kairo wears underwear.

Potty train joy
I know. I know. This gif is so cliche. I had to use it once, though.

The Potty Engine that Could but Wouldn’t

This wasn’t easy, people. If you read about my first time driving the potty train, you know that I wasn’t too happy about the process. Kairo peed every two seconds. It was like…

Because of my many failures, I let Kairo keep his diaper during our experiment phase. There was no way that I would end up cleaning pee all day, or so I thought.

Things were going well for a while [that’s sarcasm]. I bought a new bag of diapers every day, and he continued to urinate like an old man with no bladder control.

Life was grand [also sarcasm].

However, this guy pooped in his diaper one day, which he never does.

I was madder than a field negro watching the light-skinned boy spit shinning masa’s shoes (check out that alliteration).

But Bae wanted nothing to do with my anger. She told me to suck it up and change his diaper. Then, he did it again. And again. And…

Potty Train Rerouted

Paw Patrol to the potty train rescue

I threatened Kairo. A lot.

Most of these threats consisted of, if you don’t booboo on the potty, you won’t get to watch Paw Patrol. Man, his reaction was one of confusion and fury.

The threat didn’t work.

It appears that I must be careful with the way that I word things for toddlers because he still pooped in his diaper a few days after the threat. I didn’t get mad. Nope. I just waited a few hours for him to ask what he asks for EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Kairo: Daddy, can I watch Paw Patrol?

Daddy: [Evil grin with a slightly tilted head] If you booboo on the toilet, you will get to watch one episode.

Next day

Kairo: Daddy, I have to booboo.

Of course, the next day notice came with several reminders of “Kairo, if you want to watch Paw Patrol, you have to booboo on the toilet.” After maybe three warnings, he was set.

But Kashif, what about being potty trained?

Interesting underwear help to potty train
Do you SEE the Flash underwear? So adorbs!!! I used them to help him become more of a nerd.

We bought this underwear in The States a few months ago. (Shout out to Gigi for the Mickey gear. Those helped the most.)

The day after his booboo, I told him that he had to potty AND booboo on the toilet to earn Paw Patrol. Initially, he didn’t want to wear the underwear, but I displayed one from each set and let him choose.

Choices are a BIG DEAL for toddlers.

First, he wanted Mickey. Then, he wanted his heroes. Just today, he fell in love with the cars and trucks.

After only two days (one accident on each day), Kairo was trained!

The Park

When we’re out, I let him wear his diapers. There aren’t enough toilets in Al Ain and Daddy don’t play games, so I keep Kairo geared up. However, he is so into his new life that he refuses to pee in his diaper. At the park today, I had to tell him multiple times to just go!


Of course, there will be accidents in the future, but for now, I get to experience the joy of watching my son dance.

All aboard the potty train.

Toot! Toot!

See what I did there?


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