Guest Blog: The Birth of LyfesLyrics

A friend did me the grand favor of posting on my site, but I lost everything! Luckily, I rarely delete emails. Here’s the repost of Lia’s miniature biography in writing.

Thank you Kashif for this guest blog opportunity.

I initially started blogging to vent about my daily happenings. I have wanted to say a lot of things about many things, but I lacked the courage to do so as openly as I do now.

As a young girl, I found myself journaling to express my emotions and feelings. I don’t remember exactly when I started journaling, or even why, but what I remember the most was feeling the need to write what I felt. I wasn’t comfortable enough as I am now with speaking my mind. I, most definitely, wasn’t as outspoken as I have turned out.

It was in my high school English course that I learned, not only that I loved writing, but also that I was good at it. Short stories, poetry, essays; you name it, my English teacher encouraged us students to utilize our creative minds and channel it into writing.

One would think that when I went off to college I was going to major in English, right? Well, after what felt like millions of times of changing my major, I finally settled with a degree in Media with an emphasis in English and Rhetoric. I’m not going to go into my minors and my other degree, because that’s irrelevant to this post.

I started blogging publicly on MySpace. My friends and family seemed to enjoy what I wrote, but all the extra features (i.e.- gifs, pictures, reconnecting with loved ones, etc.) were a distraction to blogging. So, I didn’t continue. However, in my quest to reconnect with high school and college friends, I switched over to Facebook. I began blogging again there, from a more journalistic point of view, but I still felt a bit of a void. My readers were entertained, but I felt like something wasn’t satisfying me personally. And when I’m not feeling satisfied, for any reason when I write, I lose the momentum and completely stop. I don’t like writing when I’m not feeling inspired. Furthermore, It most certainly did not help that Facebook kept updating settings and the layout damn near every week! Ok, so I’m exaggerating, but it got so annoying that I moved to Tumblr and then Twitter for some fun… with strangers.

Tumblr was fairly new when I signed up. I usually went on to post different quotes. I didn’t use it as much as I do now because I didn’t have many followers. While I was getting acclimated with Tumblr, I continued on with twitter. I enjoy twitter, but when I came across Seti Matua’s blog and began following him on twitter to keep up with his blog, I realized what I wanted to do with my twitter experience. Seti then introduced me to Amu Uso’s blog as well as Lani Wendt Young’s blog. The knowledge from those three bloggers combined, was enough encouragement for me to begin blogging again. This all occurred around the end of June last year. While I was enjoying twitter and the daily chatter with complete strangers, I buckled down and began blogging regularly. I even began back writing poetry and songwriting. These new strangers on twitter were inspiration enough for me to write about the topics they discussed in their daily tweets and how I related to those topics. My twist to things, to try and grab peoples attention to read my my blog postings, was to use song lyrics related to those topics as well as my life.

The birth of Lyfes Lyrics occurred somewhere along the way. Actually, when I was creating a twitter account, I wanted to use a twitname that was related to my life and song lyrics; hence, LyfesLyrics.

I just read my “end of the year blog report” and am proud of myself for writing regularly. There were some weeks where I didn’t feel like writing. But I have to thank my followers for encouraging me along the way. Their lives inspired many of my blog topics. Their lives even inspired some of my poetry. Meeting new people with the same interests brought forth daily smiles and even laughter. In return, a great percentage of my followers have stated that a few of my blog posts have helped them in some way, shape and/or form. I truly am grateful for my followers; not just my twitter followers, but my followers with my other social networks. Since joining twitter, my followers have gotten to know my creative side and have recommended new social sites that being a different flare to the networking and creativity of social interaction.

A few weeks ago, I joined Instagram because a couple of my twitter followers felt that I’d love it. Instagram is a social network just like twitter, but the emphasis is on sharing one’s life but through photos. The layout is great and it has the capability of sharing photos through Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Tumblr. As I began browsing through photos, I kept coming across a social network called Path. It seemed the same as Instagram, but now that I’ve been on it for a couple weeks, I realize that the music and video feature are the main difference. My Path followers and I enjoy sharing music with each other. Seeing what they listen to and the lyrics they post along with the songs are always the highlight of my daily experience on Path. A song always sparks up an interesting conversation and memories.

You would think that all these social networks would be enough, right? I did too, until one of my Path followers introduced me to My365. My365 is kind of like a photojournal. Each day, one posts ONE pic that is the inspiration for the day. I signed up just yesterday and find myself thinking about the photo that would best describe the kind of day I’ve had so I can post it there. On instagram, I get a bit out of control with uploading photos. But with My365, it forces
me to reflect on my day and post a photo that represents the highlight of my day.

Today, in the midst of self-reflection for this guest blog post and my My365 photo, I took a look back on my history with writing. Writing, for me, was always a means to express my feelings and thoughts. Technology has done a lot of things to improve our lives here on Earth. As it relates to my life, I’ve found technology and these social networks have helped me express myself in many different ways. Be it in my blog, in my poetry, in my tweets, photojournalism on Instagram, My366 and Tumblr or through music on Path, a new wave of creative expression has introduced itself via technology. I’m embracing it all the best way I can. Thank God for my iPhone because all these social networks are right at my fingertips. Quite convenient if I say so myself, but at least my creativity is satisfied.

Who knows what the next trendy social network will be. I just hope it has the ability to be connected
to all eight of these other social networks. I think eight is enough for now though. Don’t you?

Until next post,


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