Halloween – Dress up anyway you choose

One month ago, Tiyaanah asked Kairo, “What do you want to be for Halloween?” She really wanted him to choose a character from Daniel Tiger, but Kairo has a mind of his own. After some probing, we learned that Kairo wanted to be Super Why! Of course, ordering a costume would cost too much, especially with the way customs like to charge.

Tiyaanah was a bit disappointed. Little O is his favorite character from Daniel Tiger, and she had ideas for that Halloween costume. However, after a hint of research, Tiyaanah realized ‘she could do this.’

But Why?

Super Why! is hands down the best superhero ever. His power? The power to read. Kairo loves this hero because he can relate to Wyatt and his ability to read.

Black Super Why Halloween Costume
I can’t describe his excitement in words
Super Why! for Halloween
Kalel was also very excited. He ran around and around, like his brother, saying, “Zoom! Zoom!!!”

Halloween Celebration

We took the boys “out” for Halloween. Our Sheikha Wadeema Facebook group put together a little something for the kids. We were hoping to make some toddler friends, and we may have, but the boys mostly walked around and acquired some candies. I have pictures of them with the other kids, but I don’t show photos of folks without permission.

Just know that at the end of our Trick or Treat adventure, Kalel found a cat that needed rescuing.

Mini Super Why Halloween Costume
The cat says, “Meow.” Kalel replies, “Meow.”

The Next Day

The boys loved their costumes so much that they wanted to dress up again and run around the house.

Z     O     O     M

Halloween Costume Super Why Brothers
Ready for action

I made sure to get a full-length shot this time.

Super Why Halloween Costume Toddler
Super Why! with the power to read!!!

Thanks Mommy

Tiyaanah spent a lot of time on the boys’ Super Why! Costumes, even after work. Her extra effort was so worth it. She almost cried when hearing Kalel’s first “zoom” in his cape.

The Black Super Why! Halloween Costume Creator
Our Black Super Why! Creator

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