House of Scorpion

House of Scorpion

I recently read a great book that I’ll be using for my seventh graders, House of Scorpion. In short, the story is about the clone of a drug lord. The clone undergoes many challenges based on the discrimination he faces. Basically, people hate clones for various reasons. Therefore, they’re often treated as Negros from slavery days.

At one point, the main character, Matt, is thrown into a room, told to crap in a bucket, treated like an animal, and verbally abused. The poor kid is in a prison within a mansion. It’s crazy.

What amazes me about this story is how the author captured the human struggle. Often times, we forget that there are two roads to life. Good and bad.

No matter who you are and where you come from, someone will always discriminate against you. As an African American, I’ve endured a lot of prejudice. People have ignored me because of my name, my hair, skin color, etc. But I chose to think beyond the situation and to remember that there were plenty of people that love me.

Matt is faced with many challenges and he eventually chooses to do what is right regardless of the situation. But that’s hard for some people. What about guys who are raised in drug invested neighborhoods? They try walking to school, but cops pull them over and harass them. Their parents beat them for no known reason. What choices do they have?

Well, they have the same choices but it’s more difficult to see the light when it’s so far away.

I know my readers are still being faced with difficult decisions. I hope you’re making the right choices. But if you do go the evil route, I still support you. There’s always a way to improve who you are. One choice doesn’t define who you are. Ten choices don’t define who you are. Not even one hundred. Your heart is what sets you apart. You desire to grow is what makes you special. If you can see a faint glow of light within you, then let it shine out. But don’t let the darkness die. There needs to be a balance.

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