How Much Is Too Much

How much is too much writing?

I recently learned about an author that publishes a new book every other month. That is quite incredible. I struggle publishing two per year, and this guy claims that he can make six.


I commend this writer, but it wouldn’t work for me. My writing style requires a lot of editing. And I mean a lot! I generally write stories in two months and edit them in four or five. During this process, I find ways to make unique connections and change the story drastically. My books would never see the Kindle or the Apple store if it weren’t for intensive editing.

But there is a lesson to be learned from this very unique author. Publishing bi-monthly means that he has confidence in his writing skills. He trusts the words on his page and believes that his fans will love his creativity. I actually need that confidence and the nerve to avoid second guessing myself. My books are released regularly, but I would love to return to the days where I thought more about what I write and less about who I write it for.

2 thoughts on “How Much Is Too Much

  1. Let me say you’re books should never need to be about them, but you. If you can’t enjoy writing then its a chore. Enjoy your writing, like we fans do

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