How To Get People To Your Website


Damn you. You know who I’m talking about. You leave stupid posts on Facebook and Twitter that attempt to deceive me. They may look like this:

You won’t believe what I have here: [link]
Click this [link] to find out more about feeding your mind
This is the best thing since sliced bread: [link]
I came – [link]
This [link] is sexy

You know where those links lead me? Copies of someone’s novel.*

Son of a &^%^&! Why? Why are your underhanded methods even used? Haven’t you taken any BASIC marketing classes? Deception is your worst enemy in marketing. And if you try using it, I’ll soon become your worst enemy.

In a moment, we’ll talk about how to actually get people to your page, but I want to continue ranting for a moment.

You know who really pisses me off? The people that are even slicker. They leave posts like this:

I recently ran into a friend today and fell in love with them. Check her out – [another link to a book]
This girl had a banging body – [link to an erotica]

You rat bastards.**

How to Actually Get People to Your Website

If you want to really entice someone, try selling them the product. If you post a link about your favorite color, a place where free sex is offered, or something random like “I love ice cream” and I’m lead to your website or Amazon…you’ll fail. You may not realize it, but every time someone clicks on that link and says, “Rat bastards, I don’t want your book,” you’re not just hurting yourself. You’re hurting your Amazon page.

Every time someone clicks on a link without buying your book, you’re lowering your Google Ranking. What is Google Ranking? Type “Legend of Apollo” in a Google search. What do you get? My novel. Type “Barcode: Cavern of Youth” or “Barcode: New War Order“. My novel should be the first page of each search. Why? Because I have good Google Ranking. I don’t advertise crap.

When people click on my links, they know what they’re getting into. I only post advertisement that will get them to buy.

If you’re sitting in fungus full of lies, you’ll eventually spread your disease to your sales. Bad choice.

How to Strengthen Your Sales

It’s simple. When you direct someone to a link, make sure you use keywords that let people know what they’re buying:

Click here to download a free novel about an arrogant hero and a sarcastic villain – [link to novel] #Free #Kindle #eBook #Fantasy #MoreKeyWords

Now when people click my link, Google will give me a thumbs up and tell others on my behalf.



*Don’t lie to me. I hate lies. I will never by your novel if you lie. Liar.*

**Write good links with great keywords and your sales may improve. If your novel sucks…fat chance. People can not like your novel. I know plenty of readers that hate mine. But there’s a difference between hating and sucking. If it sucks…fat chance.**

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