I Almost Feared Success

I have a question that I’d like answered. Have you ever feared your own success?

I work with children in an after school program. Interacting with elementary students has taught me one thing, they openly doubt themselves. Not enough of them hear how special and brilliant they are. They scream, “I can’t.” I say, “You can.” But they won’t believe me. That means, they don’t believe in themselves.

Self doubt starts at a very young age and doesn’t often go away. The confident and daring friends I had as a child, are the confident and daring friends I have in adulthood. The same goes for those that were timid and doubtful.

A few days ago, I thought what I’d do if I never sold more than a few books per month. I considered finding a stable entry level job. I thought it may be a good idea to find a stable career where I could work my way from the bottom to the top.

That was the first time a thought like that one ever crossed my mind.

What was my decision? Mediocrity ain’t for me. I’d rather chase a million new dreams, never settling on one, before giving into fear.

Is there anyone out there that can relate? Have you ever chased a dream that didn’t work out? Were you afraid of your own success or failure? What did you do?

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