If I Had Superpowers

There’s an age old question that goes: If you had superpowers, what would it be?

Bruh. That’s a near impossible question to answer with certainty. In order to go about breaking down this question, I’d have to choose between my top three superpowers.

  1. Time Control
  2. Teleportation
  3. Mind Control

From here, I’ve considered the pros and cons of each.

Time Control


  1. The ability to “do over.”
  2. Eternal life (if my powers advance far enough)
  3. The ability to protect anyone at any time.
  4. Wealth.


  1. Unwillingness to experience life “as is.”
  2. Perfectionist attitude, which ultimately leads to a destructive OCD.
  3. Time distortation, which often times leads to world consequences.



  1. Unlimited visas everywhere.
  2. Easy commute.
  3. Escapes life’s most difficult problems within the blink of an eye.


  1. Easy to make mistakes and be caught.
  2. Space distortion, which can lead to enemies tracking you easily or cause allies to fall into alternate worlds.
  3. Landing complications.

Mind Control


  1. Make people do what I want.
  2. Make people do what I want.
  3. Make people do what I want.


  1. There’s always some problem that assaults the brain (tumor of some sort).
  2. People may become drone-like after prolonged use.
  3. Mind control often involves mind reading, which can drive the controller insane.

Initially, I was almost certain that I would chose Time Travel. However, After looking at this again, I think the risk associated with Mind Control is well worth it. My only reservation would be the yin and yang theory. In other words, if this power were to come true, some antagonist to my story would develop powers that are much more violent in nature. Ultimately, I may fall to someone or a group of people that are willing to take things to the next level.

As a hero to a story, I chose Time Travel. As a villain (to assure that I control the amount of darkness throughout the world) I choose Mind Control.

Anyone have some powers I missed that would be far greater?

2 thoughts on “If I Had Superpowers

  1. Shape shifting.. any animal or person.. limited to two hours-
    Not mind control- but full possession of someone’s body–must be within a 50ft radius, you’ll need someone to watch your body, also has time limit…
    And the shadow riding Kode and Hades has is pretty sick too… No car needed..

    1. Naruto! Full body possession is a little scary haha. That would be a really wicked tool in real life. And I hadn’t considered my own creation. I’d probably use shadow riding over teleportation.

      But I also once thought of an ability to bring to life whatever I write. That would be my choice if I ever found all 7 Dragon Balls.

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