I’ll Pray For You

You ever have someone say they’ll pray for you and you wonder…why? Over the past few years, I can’t recall how many times someone has said that they’ll pray for me. Probably zero.

However, most recently, my wife and I told our family that we’re planning to move out of the country. Lord. Have. Mercy.

Prayers fell from the heavens after this announcement. I mean, I’m shocked people didn’t break their knees with the amount of praying that they committed to.

My wife recently has a conversation with one of these pray-ers. It wen’t a little something like this:

Pray-er: You still plan on moving?

Wife: Yeah. We’re getting our passports now.

Pray-er: Hmph. I must not be praying hard enough.

What in the actual fact? I couldn’t believe my ears [I wasn’t actually there, but I couldn’t believe my ears when the story was reported to me].

Within the last two years, alone, my wife and I have accumulated around $10K in debt. We lost a lot of money when trying to get a house. Then, we had to find a new place to live. We hated the place and had to cancel our lease…Look, to make a very long story short, we lost too much money. During this time, I can’t recall having a prayer sent on my behalf. They were probably there, but no one went out of their way to make sure God would make a way.

Now that we’re going against what friends and family prefer, they’re all hitting God up with a:

Aye, bruh. Ummm…I don’t really treat them Ross folks like I should (you know, loving and visiting them and what not). But don’t let them leave me because I like having them close enough to ignore.

Hey folks. Let me throw this out there: Don’t pray for me.

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  1. Sorry to hear that man, gotta keep working on that screenplay it’ll all work out. I also am pretty embarrassed as a fan boy to be missing your posts but I’ve been quite busy. Hope your doing well.

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