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Interview With Author Tracy Kauffman – My Boyfriend The Squire

Who are you and what makes you  special?
I am a new author from North Alabama and love writing for young adults and children. I am a Christian who is trying to make a difference in the world today. I hope to inspire others, educate, and edify others in a positive way. I do not think I am any more special than anyone else trying to write a novel, but I do want to do a service for others.

Sell “My Boyfriend the Squire” to us.
My Boyfriend the Squire is a great book for teens and young adults with a great storyline. It talks about romance, loss, and courage.

What made you think of this concept?
I love to read and hear about the middle ages. This concept came from thinking about what would happen if someone day went back in time and became a princess.

Might you have any influences for this story?
My only influence for this story is that I care about the middle ages and have researched things that relate to that time. I write for children and young adults because that is where my stories fit in. I want to reach people at a younger age to help them become what they will become later on in life.

How do you envision your cover art?
The publisher is working on my cover art as we speak. I would like to see something with maybe a castle on it. I love the thought of castles, knights, and royalty.

Describe Lucinda’s personality.
Lucinda is a humble, beautiful girl with courage. She is brave and has to face a lot, such as going back to a weird time, weird place and facing head on with a mean king.

What genre(s) would you consider this novel?
I think this is more a Fiction > Fantasy Epic.

What’s the underlying message?
The message is that with courage and love, one can face their fears and live a happy enjoyable life wherever they are, and with whomever they wish to be with.

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