INTP – The Jerk Process

I love taking personality tests, especially Myer’s Briggs. People commonly mistake a personality test with a person’s personality, but the two don’t correlate. Actually, personality tests reveal how a person processes, not how they will behave.

For example, I’m an INTP. In short, I’m optimistic, creative, spontaneous, great in a crisis, relaxed, stubborn, insensitive, private, easily bored, hate commitment, and I tend to indulge in dangerous behavior.

Most people may scoff, “You? Optimistic?” Yes, haters. I’m actually quite positive, though I trash talk with the best of ’em.

But that’s beside the point. By optimistic, they don’t mean that I’m jumping for joy at every opportunity or commonly thinking the best of a situation. This means that when I enter something new or work on a project/passion, I tend to look at the potential. The positive. This aids my self-confidence.

This works similarly for my weakness, insensitivity. People often think that I’m rude because I’m blunt or overly honest. Neither are true. My mind works in a way to fix solutions and this is done through trial and error. Unfortunately, I often share my thoughts without considering how others may react. From my perspective, I’m trying to fix a problem. From another point of view, I can seem aggressive or offensive.

I love seeing my results and the results of people that I work with. It helps me understand how they process and cope with stressful situations.

If you want to try it out, my favorite test is here: 16 Personalities.

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