Is Self-Publishing Really The Solution?

I don’t have enough success in the self pub realm to really speak on this, but I do have an opinion.

Barcode: Legend of Apollo has been on digital shelves for almost four weeks. During its first week, it rose to Hot New Releases. That was really a marketing plan invented by me. Though I couldn’t maintain the success, I was able to sell more in a week than some sell in their entire careers.

And I’m not afraid of numbers either. In my first three days, I sold 65 copies. Where am I now? 73.

My numbers decreased drastically because I exhausted all of my Facebook and Twitter contacts. I haven’t sold a single copy in a week, but there’s a reason for that. The second I started a book giveaway on a relatively popular website, all my sales decreased drastically. I have 83 people lined up for this giveaway so far.

Yes. The giveaway hurts my sales, but look at the exposure. Several people on the website have stated that they’ll buy the book whether they win the drawing or not. That’s excellent for me, but it hurts my ego when I see no sales.

That’s what you suffer as a self-published author, ego shots.

People talk about the luxuries and success stories of many authors. Well, good for them. For most of us, we’ll see long stretches before anything big comes in.

However, I don’t doubt my success for a second. I’m only a month into this game and some people take years before they make decent profit. There’s plenty of time to see what will happen next. I haven’t even experimented with Amazon’s KDP program yet, and that has been very successful for some of my friends.

Currently, my objective is to put out two or three more novels this year. I already have one written and I could do the other next month or in the summer time.

The more books that you have out, the better, but they have to be high quality. I always invest in an editor and cover artist. I won’t just put out a novel without putting in some serious effort.

So is self-publishing the way? Can you be successful with it? Of course, but know that there is a level of rejection here like there is with big house publishing. When sales are low, it feels like you’re not published at all. So keep your spirits up! I’m investing in more marketing and waiting on my blog tour. More exposure. More exposure.

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