Just Type

It’s possible no one ever told you this, but you’re brilliant. You are a genius in your own way.

Peter Pan would say, though it takes some pixie dust, all you have to do is believe. Now, it’s time for you to trust in your writing skills. Your work may not be for everyone or it may not be ready for readers, but it is creative and awesome.

People often wonder how I can type so much in one day. Just this morning, I managed 2,100 words in less than an hour. How? I thought long and hard about what I wanted to type, about two minutes, and I went for it.

You may think, sure you did. But it’s probably crap.

Well, go preview my novel on Amazon. I assure you, it’s not. I write quickly and with skill because I believe in my work. I can type nearly 10,000 words on a weekend day and edit them.

You can do this too if you practice. I’ve written stories for years and I don’t second guess myself. I don’t wonder what if or why. I let conversations flow naturally instead of trying to mimic Shakespeare. Those are my techniques.

I’ve read many fantasy novels where writers want readers to enter this epic age where folks speak proper English with unnatural words you’d never use in conversations. If you’re going for that, you’ll definitely need to slow things down. But I make my reader take a journey with me through real life and don’t worry about fifteen letter words or descriptive adjectives that have my fans running to the dictionary every five minutes.

Just type.

Don’t think about what you should change until you’re done.

Just type.

Give your story everything you have with your best ideas and your fingers tap tap tapping all the way home.

If you want to write your first novel, stop thinking about all the things you need to get done. Don’t worry about plots and story lines, practice first. Do not, and I mean, do not publish your first novel. It’s not there yet. I wrote four before putting my work on Amazon.

Unless you’ve written plays or some other large manuscript before, don’t rush to publish. Build your skill until you know things are a go!

Now, go type.

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