KDP Select Results – End Of Day One

Before today, I was ranked 113, 966 in the Kindle store.

Here are my results as of 11:00 p.m.

  • #826 Free in Kindle Store
  • #43 in Fantasy
  • #29 in Science Fiction
  • #12 in Contemporary Fantasy
  • #1 in High Tech Science Fiction

I’ve followed these numbers all day. Sometimes, I found myself staring at them for no reason at all. I’ve always been a numbers guy. I like to see results. Don’t judge me.

Though this is a two day promotion that gives away my novel for free, I’m still very happy with my KDP Select results.

As a new author, this is really exciting. No matter what type of creative marketing I did in the past, it was never enough. Now, I actually have people reading my book. I’m positive many of the downloads are from people that just want to have a free book, but someone’s going to read it and that’s great. It’s the reason I write.

Though I love these results, tomorrow is a new day. I’m still striving to break the Top 10 in free books.

Of course I took pictures:


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