Keep Writing

So, I have a friend. He send a simple message recently:

Keep writing.

When I logged onto my website, I realized, “Dear sweet mother of all that is holy and sacred, I haven’t written for my blog in five months.”

I have excuses. Legit ones too.

I had another kid. A boy. He’s adorbs.

I have also just been super stressed out by everything that happening in the media most recently. My dear friend made note of that craziness in an email, so he knows I’m losing my sanity. (Thanks for the kind drunken words, by the way).

So, beyond the excuses…I’m back. At least for now.

Writing for my blog has never been a priority. I try to keep something swimming at least once per month, but even that’s inconsistent. I mostly use my free time to write my stories. Unfortunately, I wasn’t as passionate about Yellow Diamond Hunter as I was for the Barcode Series.

Don’t get me wrong, Yellow Diamond Hunter has a great storyline. I’d say, hands down, it’s better than the Barcode Series. However, it’s very formulaic and that isn’t really my style of writing.

Since my friend emailed me, I decided that I’d scrap the formula for Yellow Diamond Hunter and restart with a new story. I can already say that the opening two chapters are more engaging than the entire first book, and that’s saying a lot.

I have a lot more to rant about, but I have to reply to an email and start writing the conclusion to YDH.

I’ll be back. Hopefully, it won’t take forever.

(And eff checking this crap for grammatical errors. That’s generally why I hate writing. I HATE editing. Bleh.)

5 thoughts on “Keep Writing

  1. Glad you’re back at it, YDH was a badass storyline and totally different from BC, But as you know im partial to Payne. For myself personally it is a universe made for comic/manga and anime afro samurai or Animatrix ( three of the art styles)… YDH has as much mystery as BC but has a novel feel to it kind of like S. Andrew swann three part series apotheosis.. maybe not as excruciatingly detailed but enough to be like “how in the fuck are those beads a family heirloom?” And “where in the hell is Leo??” Anyway more power to ya.

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