Kids mimic their parents and for good reason

Kids mimic their parents because imitation helps their learning evolve. They copy our actions to aid the development of their language and motor skills, among many other things.

Kids Mimic Simple Actions
This is so adorable! Geeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

I recently wrote a post about how Kalel loves copying his brother’s actions, but Kairo tends to imitate me. For example, I’ve noticed that Kairo is starting to sit with his ankles crossed, which we do a lot more because we don’t have a couch yet. (Actually, bae and I are sitting this way on the bed right now).

Back in the states, I would often hear parents get angry when their kids mimic their actions.

“Don’t talk to me like that! What? You think you grown, now?”

These (really hood) parents did not like when their kids imitated adult actions, but this is a part of a child’s nature. They have to replicate what they see.

It’s a survival technique! Plus, it helps make a parent’s life much easier. Because of what they learn through imitation, we don’t have to teach them as much. We may teach kids how to wipe their noses, walk, or chew their food, but we don’t teach them these things from scratch. We help kids develop and grow, using what they observe.

I love knowing that Kairo is crossing his legs like daddy. In due time, he’ll want to write stories and play nerdy video games too.


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    1. It’s funny because it goes all the way into your teens. In my classroom, I’d see parents telling their kids that they need to stop acting grown, not recognizing how far the copycatting goes. But as the teacher, I have to sit there and wear a neutral expression, hiding what I want to say.

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