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Kindle Book Prices: Free, $0.99, or $2.99


There are more serious issues to write about other than Kindle eBook prices. I could seriously begin a discussion about which color shirt I should wear on my first day of work.

For now, I’ll help you price your novel.


Price your novel at free for any or all of these reasons:

  • You’re a new author that needs exposure versus money in your pocket
  • The novel is not professionally edited
  • The novel is less than 70,000 words
  • This is the first book to a series and you want to hook readers in
  • The story has a happy ending and you’re sure other readers will want to read you after finishing it
  • You don’t mind receiving negative reviews and low standard readers
  • You have no marketing skills
  • You’re crazy enough to do it


Price your baby here if you…

  • Want more readers
  • The novel is not professionally edited
  • Wrote a novella or novelette
  • You have some maketing skills
  • You’re interested in all the free reasons, but you want people to actually read your novel

$2.99 or More

  • You want high quality readers and reviewers than the above options
  • The novel is professionally edited
  • The novel has 50,000 words or more, but it should have 70,000 or more
  • There’s some chance that your novel is the next Hunger Games
  • Your marketing skills are polished

What does this mean? In short: Free novels get a lot of reviewers that read books quickly and don’t focus on details. They give reviews based on “feelings” or “what they would’ve done differently” versus critiquing the quality of the novel. You can make a professionally edited novel free, but you should not make an eBook that has no editing $2.99 until you have a strong fan base. Also, people who download free eBooks do it because they’re free. Just because you have the download, doesn’t mean people will read your novel. A purchase almost guarantees that someone is reading it.

Read Selling Big in Amazon Kindle Store to understand the difference between selling a free novel and giving it away.

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