Legend of Apollo Rant


Some reviewers piss me off.


I said it.


Today, I’m going to discuss the burning rage I have for reviewers that are angry when they discover the death of my main character, Spencer Colt.

For those of you who have not read the novel, don’t worry. It’s supposed to be a known fact that Spencer dies in the novel. A well known fact.

First, if you write reviews, you should read reviews. Don’t write them if you’re too busy or stupid to read them. My reviewers have made if very clear that “the main character dies.” If you don’t like reading reviews, kudos. I’m with you, brother. But don’t write them. That’s…ignorant.

Moving on…If the reviews aren’t enough, I personally give clues to his death. How many? Let’s count:

  1. In the beginning of the novel, Spencer sees a lizard with gold and black colors. Gold represents his weapon, Andvari. Black represents Kode’s weapon, Shiva. The colors “blur in his mind,” then he closes his eyes, seeing only black. Meaning, the darkness wins. (Too symbolic? Fair enough. Let’s move on.)
  2. Spencer has a dream that Kode stabs him with Shiva. Kode doesn’t just stab him, but he throws Shiva in the same EXACT place. He’s stabbed in the heart not once, but twice. Even more, Spencer can see Kode’s green eyes in the distance, but can’t make them out. (Not enough? Okay…)
  3. Let’s take a break for a moment with Spencer and remember that Leo jumps from the building and is upset that Spencer almost threw him through a glass. Isn’t that what happens when Hannah dies? Good. Don’t be upset with that chick disappears. Because I also use a Shakespearean Sonnet to describe her as an additional hint, but I know that’s going over some heads, which is understandable.
  4. Back to Spencer: After several revisions, I decided to begin the novel with a chapter called DEATH. In this very short chapter, a “mysterious” character talks about dying in front of a handsome demon. Well, this is a first person novel, so who do you think is talking? Not to mention, when Kode removes his mask, Spencer calls him handsome.

For those who believe that Spencer’s death is an “accident”, let me clarify. Kode accidentally kills Spencer, but Spencer had it coming (he’s a dick). Shiva, on the other hand, does not accidentally kill our protagonist. Her objective is to absorb Spencer’s data. Why? You have to continue reading the series.

For those who believe that Dennis and Hayley are too “forgiving”, you’ll have to read to discover their motives. Their acceptance of Kode isn’t a quick and easy decision. They both choose to accept him for two completely different reasons. Reread Hayley’s words when she initially sees Kode, then read Cavern of Youth. It’s called a series. I’m not supposed to give you all of the answers in one book.

For those who believe that LOA does not have a “closing” or you feel that there was no resolve: Spencer protected the arena and failed to protect Michelle. Kode had to come through and aid him. PLUS, it’s Kode that tries saving Michelle, but Spencer’s anger interrupts the moment. In other words, Spencer somewhat failed as a hero. That’s your closing. You may not like it, but that’s what happens.

How about Michelle? Shouldn’t she have felt pain or agony for Spencer’s death? Wasn’t it wrong to have her find pleasure and flirt with Kode? Dear reader…are you serious? Didn’t you read the book or did you rush over it? When Kode’s blood passes through Michelle, he walks out of the room. She screams so loudly that she rattles the building. How much heartbreak did you want me to inflict upon her? I’ll gladly have her kill herself in the finale if that will please you, but I’m sure it won’t. You’re a sick human being that feels a horrific cry isn’t enough.

For those who say, “I will not waste my money on the next novels.” Thanks. I could live without your opinion. You see, Legend of Apollo is a well written novel–if I have to say so myself–and it’s free. It’s been free since the very beginning. Don’t you think that was intentional?

If any of this post upsets you, get over yourself. I’ve found a way to laugh about the horrible reviews I receive. You can learn to do the same.

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