Little Critters – Allowing the kids’ creativity to shine

Tiyaanah and I talked about becoming minimalist when we moved to Abu Dhabi. Our objective was to buy little and appreciate what we have. (This may sicken some of you), but we still don’t have dishes, a dishwasher, a full set of utensils, storage containers, laundry holders, a dining set, a coffee table, pictures hanging on walls or a TV stand. We’re even rocking the same clothes quite a bit. (That’s what stands out in my mind, but we’re without quite a bit).

The Good

This helps with cleaning and savings. By having less in the house, I don’t have to worry about moving things around when cleaning or cleaning the things that we have. Ultimately, we’re saving a lot of dough too, so that’s even better.

The Bad

Nothing. Things only suck (a little) when I’m trying to be creative. Kairo often likes to “make” or “build” something, so I usually search the house/apartment and start constructing. Unfortunately, we don’t have much to work with when stimulating his creativity…or we didn’t.

Recently, I started hoarding everything that gets shipped to us. We have two boxes on our patio, three in the kids’ bedroom, one in the hallway (I can be junky), and one in the kitchen. That’s just the boxes. I also like to keep the bubble wrap and packing paper.

I was starting to think that my hoarding was getting out of hand, but Kairo reached out to me today after reading one of his favorite books, “Little Critters.”

The Story

Kairo: Okay, daddy. What’s next on the list.

[Sidenote: A “list” is our order of things to do before TV time. Today we had: 1) Brush teeth, 2) Potty time, 3) Read “Little Critters,” and 4) Play. I love saying “play” because it’s so ambiguous. It can last 10 minutes or 3 hours depending on his interest].

Me: [stalling] We’ll we’ve read “Little Critters” and drew in our comic book for “play.” So, what’s next?

Kairo: Let’s make a scene.

Me: A scene?

Kairo: Yes.

Me: Okay. How?

Kairo: Like in “Lil Cwiters.”

Me: Hmm…a machine?

Kairo: Yes! Like in “Lil Cwiters.”

Me: Okay. What do we need?

Kairo: I need a helmet. He had a helmet.

Little Critters Growing Machine

Crap. We have no foil. No pots. And there’s definitely…bruh!

The concoction

I rush into the studio and grab boxing paper and tape. After creating his costume, Kairo hops into the “machine” that we created a few weeks back. We take a silver pencil and add “glitter” like in the story. Then, he plays.


In short, we have everything we need. More stuff is just unwanted and unnecessary.

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