Long Time No Internet

So I haven’t visited my own site for quite some time. I actually forget that it exists at times. Then, I have little stalker children in my life that remind me.

I don’t have much to write about. That’s a lie. Actually, I have enough to write a short story, but I have little time to write it. I just thought I’d leave a few updates for anyone who still visits this ancient relic of a website.

Big Title: Updates

  1. I learned to fly. Another lie. But if Peter Pan can do it, so will I, dammit.
  2. I had to stop writing the novel. (See how I buffered the bad news with Peter Pan?) I’m actually working on a screenplay to strengthen my writer’s resume. I intend to write three of these and won’t get back to YDH until the summer. Seeing how I’ve had like 30 people read the novel so far, who gives a fart?
  3. My next generation baby is on the way. Yes. It seems that I love me some Payne. Somehow, I thought it’d be a good idea and lose even MORE sleep to yet another vampire. By the way, it’s another boy! Woot.
  4. I have learned that some roses are, in fact, red. Violets…not necessarily blue.
  5. I moved! Again! I hope to stay in one place for longer than two years, but PFFFFT…who needs to save money?

Hopefully, I can find time to write a post on each of these topics (especially Peter Pan). However, with my son stealing sleep and his dad shooting for near impossible dreams, who can find time anyway?

3 thoughts on “Long Time No Internet

  1. Congratulations on the new edition to your family. .
    Looking forward to hearing what the screen play is about.

    And BC/ YDH fan #30 is still looking forward to reading the next one. Good luck.

    1. Thank you. I appreciate everyone that reads the series. I thought that YDH was written a lot better than Barcode, but Kode’s a bad ass character, so I can see why fewer people would transition heh

      And the first script is finished. I’m actually going to Warner Brothers next week to speak with a friend to see what I can learn or to try and develop a new project. I’ll probably turn the two scripts that I wrote into novels, so something will come about from them. It’ll be a while, though.

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