Lupe Fiasco Responds to Kendrick Lamar With SLR 2

I can’t recall how many times I’ve listened to SLR 2 within the past two hours.

For those of you who live under a rock and don’t know what’s happening in Hip-Hop right now, let me give you a simple breakdown: Every rapper thinks they’re the “Best Rapper Alive.” In fact the BRA disease is a vicious infection that doctors have no cure for.

Recently, a protege of the well known physician, Dr. Dre, has contracted the disease. The subject’s name is Kendrick Lamar. His BRA was exposed in a song entitled “Control”. There, he spewed ignorant lyrics such as:

I heard the barbershops spittin’ great debates all the time
Bout who’s the best MC? Kendrick, Jigga and Nas
Eminem, Andre 3000, the rest of y’all
New niggas just new niggas, don’t get involved

Originally, I had respect for Lamar and his lyrical genius. But when he contracted BRA and made the fatal mistake of crowning himself as a GOAT, I soon realized that he was sick and needed help. Fortunately, a potential cure has been administered by an artist that could lyrically humble any fool.

Lupe Fiasco recently released a track called, SLR 2. For those who are unaware of his response to Soulja Boy’s comment that he possessed a “Super Lupe Rap,” I suggest you download the track. For now, we’ll analyze Part 2.

Why the analysis? Well, some people are unaware of Fiasco’s abilities. He travels so far overhead that you may not realize how stupid he makes others look. But worry no more. I’ve collected the data and will present it to you now:

Lupe Fiasco’s opening to SLR 2 is as follows:

It’s like, niggas must forget who the fuck
Did what the fuck
When the fuck
When niggas was still, not the fuck
Or whatever

If you haven’t noticed yet, he already killed his competition. You see, Fiasco is referring to Lamar’s youth. Though the young buck has no true success in the rap game, he receives a lot of hype because of his different styles. However, Lamar (clearly suffering from BRA) compared himself to the greats, therefore opening himself up to an attack. But Fiasco wanted to send a friendly reminder that he has spat hot lava for years, creating active volcanoes before Lamar graduated high school.

Now on to the first few lines:

Dear Lord, have mercy on my banana clips
Give ’em half, call it that banana splits
But my halves is really like a banana 6
Do these bananas have any idea who they on the planet with?
Apes, yeah you bananas to the grapes
That mean your bitch got a banana in her face
And wine on her chin

This is a layered two parter. First, there’s the banana clips. Fiasco is praying for mercy on his enemies, which shall be cut in half. Instead of receiving the full weight of all 30 rounds (correction provided by Tracy), he’s saying the rappers can get about 15. Then, he moves on to refer to a banana 6 or a “six shooter”. To understand this, you have to know that Kendrick listed 11 rappers in his attack. Add Kendrick and that makes 12. Therefore, Fiasco only needs a six shooter, not even the AK-47, to kill off Lamar and his comrades in war.

Now, you’re thinking…”Oh gosh, Kendrick is about to feel the pain.” Well, yes. That’s true. But as Fiasco is rapping, he’s actually taking on the style of Rick Ross, and he continues to shift between different rapping styles. But every rapper that Fiasco imitates is a self-proclaimed GOAT.

Yeah. He’s that intentional.

Niggas ’bout to go to work so these bitches gon’ have to leave

Now, this is pretty freaking clear. However, for those who don’t understand, he’s saying that these weak rappers need to step to aside as he prepares to tear a new hole in some rear ends. (Sorry to imply that women are weaker. But understand this is a parody of misogynistic rappers). I believe he’s mimicking Meek Millz during this verse.

Lu the boy, too Bruce Leroy to destroy
Doo doo beat like two T-boys with one freak one me
But I can DP like it’s three more

TT Boy is a porn star. So Fiasco is claiming that he could double penetrate more beats than the average rapper, while taking a stab at Lamar who has referred to gunshots as Doo Doo (onomatopoeia).

Then, Mr. Fiasco goes nuts:

Three rewards for me or me or me or me or me or me
Team me is like meat eating animals meeting a meteor
Dinosaurs, I’m fine with all kinds of wars
Knives and swords, lions, tigers bitin’ boars
Lightening striking Viking hordes
Fighting heightened, violence soars
[Lupe’s imitation of German speech]

Three rewards for me is basically saying that he’ll take the Bronze, Silver, and Gold metals for every flow. Then, there’s #teamme. He just hashtagged himself in a flow. But he does that to compare “his team” to the meteor that destroyed all dinosaurs. (By the way, please notice the theory of evolution in this section. Please be a nerd and do it!) During this time, Fiasco switches from T.I.’s style to a combination of Kanye West and Nicki Minaj with the German voices.

Then he hits them with this one:

I feel sicker than a cruise ship
I ain’t competition, I don’t move shit
The only opposition is this new shit
These new niggas rappin’ like they 2
They be actin’ like they you, man that’s– wheeeeeew shit

How sick is Fiasco? Sea sick. But he’s not in competition because he doesn’t move. He’s only in opposition with new rappers that feel they have to challenge others in order to make a name for themselves. He’s implying that the olden days of beefing with coastal competition died with two famous rappers. Yet, these “new niggaas rappin’ like they 2” Pac. He goes on to say, they act like they’re you (clearly referring to himself). Meaning their egos make them think they’re on his level.

I ain’t matchin’ them in platinum
But I’m rappin’ like I’m flames
Like smackin’ them in the back of him and my antonyms is on ‘cain
And my heroin is on metaphors and my metaphors is on brains

Fiasco isn’t as successful in sales of platinum records, but he’s rapping much hotter. To prove it, he plays on words saying that his antonyms are on cain (cocaine) and he slaps his brethren on their backs, like Cain, who killed his brother, Abel. Please take a moment to understand what just happened.

Most rappers say that their lyrics are cocaine, but Fiasco reversed the order and brought in a biblical reference.

It seems that I could spend an eternity breaking down the subtitles of this flow, but I just don’t have the time or energy. If you haven’t learned the truth by now, please reconsider what Hip Hop truly is because I think Fiasco redefined it. And if you don’t notice how easily Fiasco kills anyone within his reach, you’ll also need to rediscover the true definition of murder.

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    1. That’s what I thought, but I was still off. I thought the banana clip held 24 rounds, so he halved that, leaving 12 rappers. But I rushed through the research and found 100 haha. THANKS SOLDIER!

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