You Make Me Hate My Job

I’m just going to vent via words…

Professionalism is swiftly becoming a thing of the past. I’m noticing more women unaware of what appropriate work attire looks like (leggings, low cut shirts, tight fitting clothing, etc.) I’m noticing more men unaware of what appropriate work attire looks like (no tie, no collared shirts, large clothing, etc.)

I don’t mind it. Once upon a time, lack of professionalism pissed me off, but I’m beginning to embrace it. I just want this “structure” to completely collapse, so things get absolutely ridiculous. I want people to become so unprofessional that I can just point to someone and say, “You make me hate my job.”

Yet, I’m a teacher, so this is a very unlikely scenario.

The world might never make it to a place where I can actually say such a thing. Don’t get me wrong, I say this to my students all the time. I have actually told a student that they sucked and they make me want to give up on teaching. Pfft. I’ve told entire classes. Last year, before quitting, I told several dozen students to avoid ever contacting me because I could barely deal with them in the classroom, so there’s no way I would deal with them in the real world. (I’m a great teacher. I swear. I could prove it, but I kinda enjoy the fact that you may think otherwise.)
Yeah. truepowerI’m pretty close to the dream, people. But I need more. I need power. True power.

I want to say it to that pestering parent that thinks I should dedicate 30 minutes to their child every day by updating them on their child’s status. These are the same parents who believe that their child is my only student. The other 160 don’t exist. I don’t spend over 400 minutes reading essays per week. (I do by the way and the number is closer to 500).

Oh. And these frustrations could easily be directed toward anyone that doesn’t understand how much I do in a day. For anyone that calls me while I’m teaching, thinking my lesson isn’t important to stop. For all people who assume I have an extra hour to spend helping them on another project. For the very institution that doesn’t understand how much work a teacher commits to per week.

You make me hate my job.


One thought on “You Make Me Hate My Job

  1. In my perspective I’d much rather say to peers that
    think it’s funny to mess with teachers that they make me hate going to school, honestly.

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