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The Makeup of Women

Malcolm Gladwell says that mastery in your specific field requires 10,000 hours of practice. I’ve practiced creative writing since I was in 8th grade, but I’m far from mastery. Still, as I continue to grow, I learn more about women.

In writing, especially film, women are made to fit a certain mold.

Even if a woman is in a role of power, she is placed into certain categories. A little box. She is stereotyped.

First and foremost, she must be sexy. Lastly, she cannot have too much power.

All women in films rely on a male in one way or another. Men are their crutch. Support. And there’s always some romantic interest.

I can’t say that I can move away from romance just yet. All of my male leads have someone that they are interested in, so the women will as well. However, I am not playing on that relationship for the first time in my writing experience.

Sol of Ruby is my first novel where each female character has a specific role that they play. Some are stereotyped intentionally, but many take power into their own hands without being sexualized.

I hope that writers will begin to experiment with women in lead roles. I pray that they are diversified within the coming years. Remove the stereotypes and add some culture.


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