Is it Difficult to Market Novels Online?

Is online marketing hard? Yes.

There are many ways to market your novel online. I personally use social media websites to market my novels and that gets tedious. Writing blogs, interacting on Facebook, posting witty comments on Twitter, and staying active on Goodreads can consume a lot of your time. Worst of all, social media is only the beginning.

If you want your novel to get the most exposure, you have to create backlinks. Backlinks are websites that link to your website. You don’t want the links to go both ways. For example, let’s say I review your novel. If I post a link in my website to your page, I’ve created a backlink. However, if you make a post saying, “Check out this awesome review from Kashif,” you’ve destroyed the link. You want multiple websites to point to you.

It’s little things like this that make marketing difficult. In order to get your novel the greatest exposure, you have to be creative while following the basic rules of marketing.

Of course, if your novel is a gem it’ll speak for itself. But some of us need that extra push.

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