New Writing Technique


I’m growing up to be a big boy. Yeah. I’m still 5’6, but I’ve matured as a writer. Last week, I sat down to write a plot outline.

Gasp! I know. Me writing an outline?

In the past, I used more character centered text that would allow protagonists to drive the story in various ways. This style appeals to people who read anime, but it will not lend to a best seller. Not easily at least.

Here are the pros to writing a character centered story:

  • All characters have backstories and personal interests
  • Readers feel connected to nearly every character
  • Leaves room for more comical situations
  • Provides more details
  • Adds complexity to the overall story

Where there is good, there is evil:

  • Scenes can feel random and seem to have no place in the overall plot
  • Readers are overwhelmed with details because there is too much to remember

I know some of my readers may fear the change, but stick with me. I have not changed my style. The story is simply processed in a different way.

One reason that many people read my stories are for the outrageous characters. Angie, Bayne, Jamie, Richard, and Seth are all very extreme. Even if Kode were replaced by Spencer, readers would remain engaged with the crazy supporting cast.

I repeat: Do not fret! The personalities remain. From here on, you will learn of Celeste, Kami, Julius, and Talia.

The outline has helped me focus on a key technique: simplicity. My new writing technique is old in nature. It helps me focus my thoughts and cut the crap. I have already sliced thousands of words from scenes that could potentially confuse readers.

I’m really excited about this next book: World Above The Shadows.

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