Next Big Brand – Wreck It Ralph

Learning to create a brand can be difficult, but Wreck It Ralph is on the the path for success.

First, I want to say that my wife and I will be in the theaters on the weekend of its release. We won’t be late. We will have snacks. And yes, watch it when all the  loud kids are asleep (morning time).

Back to the topic: Wreck It Ralph has already branded itself. There’s no work to be done here. This franchise will have a Part 2 and 3. I’m almost willing to bet my psychic abilities that it will go as far as Toy Story. Why? The video game franchise is something that parents and kids can relate to.

If you want to make a memorable brand, make your story for kids. Kids need their parents to buy products. Parents often have more than one kid. If you’re a screen writer, you’ll automatically get 4 tickets–2 parents and 2 kids–at a show. Let’s not think about bring friends or cousins.

By writing a YA novel, you can capitalize on the same market. Parents are interested in what their kids read. They’ll pick up the book and review it for you. They’ll tell other parents about your worth. By simply writing for a younger audience, you’ll automatically create a brand for yourself.

Wreck It Ralph is capitalizing on the fact that people love games and love movies. You should think of two things people love and write a story:

  • Puppies and kittens
  • Fashion and Social Media
  • Fast Cars and Singalongs
  • Ninja Turtles and Pudding
  • Classic Cartoons and Modern Ones

It doesn’t matter what you come up with as long as you research your market.

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