The Next Book and Series


After reaching 30,000 and 40,000 words respectively, I have finally stumbled across the proper formula for the next series. The working title of the next books was Exodus, but I decided to change that to World Above The Shadows. And the first title will be Sol of Ruby.

Below, I’m going to list the plot summary for Sol of Ruby without giving too much away. The intent is to kill two birds with one stone. My cover artists need something clear that they can work around and I’m teaching Creative Writing for 8th grade students this summer.

Before we reach the actual plot, there are a few things that you should understand about the world.

America Reincarnated

America ReincarnatedAmerica is home to seven provinces. A province is a state that provides enough light to the people. States without lights are simply known as the shadows or dark areas. If you look at the map to your left, you may notice that the East Coast is missing. That’s because it was destroyed thousands of years in the past, during the Barcode Series. That means there are a total of 34 states in all. Again, only 7 are inhabitable.

This world is neither set in a dystopia or a utopia. A utopia is a world working in harmony. A dystopia is a world divided and in hardship. However, this -topia is a world that is lost but functional.

Of the seven areas, only one group of people know of the other provinces. This is the East Coast state of Ohio. In the story the province is referred to as the empire or Absolute. It is a world of knowledge and exploration. They hope to unite the seven areas, but political corruption impedes their progress.

The remnants that remain of Florida is known as Vestige. This is a place that is very unlike anything that ever existed in America. It is guided by socialists that help elevate the people. In Ordinance, or Texas, the undage outcasts are released. Amnesty (California) is a place for free minds. Above that is Idaho or Severance, a world that Absolute struggles to reach because they are too conservative. Lastly, there is Sterility, North and South Dakota. This is essentially one large prison.

There is a sixth area that is mapped, but no one knows how to reach it. People have claimed that a dangerous and omnipotent mage named Mother lives in this area.

Plot – Sol of Ruby


Sol is a pestering treasure hunter that would do anything for his friends. He hunts for precious finds in the shadows, where the undead roam. These creatures are swift and violent, but for some reason, they will not attack Sol and this makes humans suspicious and angry.

Sol has rummaged Ordinance constantly in search of equipment that can help him return to the empire of Absolute. It has taken him eleven long years to plot his escape, but one violent parolee and a Special Agent from the empire stand in his way.

Rising Action

The treasure hunter finds a way back home where he is unwelcomed by his long lost sister. The young girl, with powers of a high mage, ignores his very existence and reacts emotionlessly towards him. Yet, he runs away with her into the shadows with other young adults from Absolute in hot pursuit. Sol teams up with two people that want to kill him and one that simply needs a friend, in order to prevent the world from being plunged into complete darkness. During their journey, Sol’s enemies and allies learn about their roles in his family’s massacre.


Sol discovers that an agent of Absolute desires to send the world into complete darkness. The agent belongs to a society that wants to return to the days where America lived in absolute darkness. With the empire against him once again, Sol works to foil the agent’s plans, but this may come with a price.


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