Novel writing techniques for those who just can’t

Writing a novel is a huge challenge for many reasons. First, it takes a considerable amount of time. Secondly, it is difficult to maintain a reader’s interest for 50,000 words. Many people begin the process but never finish because of these reasons. Therefore, I decided to list a few novel writing techniques that may help you get closer to your goal. Well, here you go:

Tip 1

Write a children’s book

Are you a notorious non-starter? Do you have kids and struggle to find the time? Will you forget about this novel once you get too busy?

If you’re really interested in writing a novel, but you know that you won’t finish it, I suggest writing a children’s book. A children’s book is short and sweet. And by golly, it is so difficult to do. Much more challenging than you will ever assume.

Don’t try to make it rhyme. Don’t even write it for children. Simply condense your novel into 20 pages. You should take time to sketch the images (resort to stick figures if your art game isn’t up to par). You can even use an online story maker. (I used this Storybird with my students). However, I don’t recommend using pre-made images because they probably won’t connect to your story.

Tip 2

Write a Screenplay

Screenplays obviously take much longer than children’s books. However, after you write your twenty pages, I recommend that you move on to a script.

Now, for screenplays, the formatting can be challenging to navigate. Here is a quick overview of how things should look. However, I don’t think you should do it all by hand. Do you still use your fingers for math problems? No! They’ve got an app to replace your brain.

I use Celtx. I could give you a review, but let me keep it simple: Celtx is simple. It is great. They save your work. You can download your documents easily. And you can use it for free.

Why, Sway? Why?

Seeing your story evolve is incredibly powerful. The problem with writing a novel is returning to it after you’ve dropped it a few times.

Writing a novel takes a very long time for most people. If you’re working on something for a year or even three, you tend to lose motivation. You may even forget important themes in your story. However, these two novel writing techniques help you place something physical in front of you. If you forget about an important piece to your story, you don’t have to spend time re-reading the entire novel. You can take five minutes to read your children’s book or twenty minutes to read your script.

Best of all, if you never get to your novel, you can always feel proud knowing that you have written a children’s book and a script (no matter how bad your art or story may be). Not to mention, you can use the dialogue from your screenplay to write your novel.

In conclusion

These novel writing techniques may not be what you were looking for, but think of what you still have to do in order to complete these tasks. You must learn to incorporate morals and themes. You have to control the pace of your story (I wrote an article about that).

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