One Character Fits All

One character solves all your problems. You know what I’m talking about. If not… Check this out:

Don’t get me wrong. He’s my favorite actor, but how many times can someone write a movie that’s made just for him? We know he’s the calmest action hero ever. Denzel came out the womb a badass. He told his mom, “Hey…I’m hungry. Do something about it,” before looking at the doctor and saying, “You’ve got five seconds to put me in my mother’s hands. Five seconds before this whole place becomes my personal playground.”

One character. One gangster, whether he’s a gangster or not.

This happens on television and in novels as well. It’s annoying. There’s no diversity. Denzel’s roles have become so standard that they can now be described as flat. He’s a one dimensional actor.

Of course Denzel can do so much more, but he always plays this hard role and that’s getting annoying. Even when he cries it looks aggressive.

How many stories have you read or watched where all the characters were flat? Meaning they’re all the same. There’s a standard for how they act and behave?

I’m reading one right now. Though I don’t hate the story, I don’t care about the characters or have an emotional attachment to them.

I don’t have a solution for this problem. I hope Hollywood figures out something and novelist improve their work because I’m getting bored. Video games suck now–the technology is excellent and the stories are crap. Manga and anime are falling off the boat. No new actors are really shining on the big screen for me. And the indie author game is so flooded, finding that one great book seems like an impossible feat.

I still have hope though. I’m waiting to find a movie and story that makes me go…oh…Wow!

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